Graduate Students

Graduate Student Caucus

The INCS Graduate Student Caucus held its first annual meeting last year at INCS 2015 (Atlanta, Georgia) and now continues to grow in numbers and activities.

In keeping with the congenial atmosphere of INCS, the graduate student caucus helps to facilitate student scholarship by providing a forum particularly dedicated to graduate concerns. The caucus also hopes to encourage student attendance at the annual INCS conference by hosting an online forum for the purpose of peer networking, ride-sharing and lodging.

To join the caucus listserve or for general inquiries, students can e-mail the listserve directly at

Other comments and questions? Please contact the INCS graduate student caucus President: Meagan Simpson (University of Notre Dame) and Vice President: Kate Krieg (University of Minnesota). We would be happy to hear from you!

Susan Morgan Graduate Student Essay Prize